A creator who marvels at mother nature.

Not sure if I call myself an artist or an illustrator. I do really love to draw and I have a teeny tiny obsession with nature. Both things you might have noticed looking around my website. Besides everything green, I am inspired by fiction and that thin grey line at the edge of the macabre. To quote my favorite music; It’s not here now, but it’s the chance of it I hate.

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Nature knows best

Biomimicry is the science and art of imitating the finest biological ideas in nature. This planet has had billions of years to find the best ways, by trial and error, survival of the fittest, by evolution. Why not learn from that? For every problem you’ll encounter it’s likely that something or someone has encountered it before you.

So let her, let nature do her thing. Let her make bizar animals and crazy plants. What I like to do with my work is shine a light on these things. Not trying to copy, cause I’ll never make it as perfect as nature, but putting in the same effort. That means many things. It can mean I’ll make a floor to ceiling illustration of a deer, filled with minuscule stripes, representing it’s fur. It can mean I’ll make a tiny drawing of a hypochondriac giraf. It can mean I’ll strip an illustration to just black and white and carve it out in lino, focussing only on the essence.

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